About Taylor

Dispuut Taylor is since its founding in 1980 the official study association of the Precision and Microsystems (PME) department at the Delft University of Technology. In our vision Taylor has four goals as a study association:

Organize Activities

The first one of these goals is to organize activities next to the regular educational programme. Excursions, lunch lectures, receptions, workshops ( LaTeX, Python, COMSOL) and the Taylor trip are examples of the activities we offer our students. With these activities we aim to supply the students with a practical addition to their education.

Look after Students’ interests

Secondly, we aim to look after the interests of the students of the Precision and Microsystems department. Representitives of Dispuut Taylor are present during faculty meetings such as those of the Educational Committee mechanical engineering  (OCWB). Furthermore, the Taylor office is located within the department and we maintain extensive contact with the educational staff, faculty secretaries and Msc. coordinator.

Connect with Industry

Preparing the students for the high-tech industry is our third goal. Therefore, a great part of the activities of Taylor is organized in collaboration with industry partners. In order to achieve this, our commissioner external affairs maintains contact with our industry partners.

Improve Education

The final goal of our study association is to help improve the PME masters programme. We do this by means of feedback after the examinations. During these feedback sessions students provide feedback on the followed courses. We process this feedback and supply the lecturers with a summary of the remarks.


Our Sponsors

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