The department of PME

The Department of Precision and Microsystems Engineering (PME) is located at  the faculty Mechanical Engineering (3ME) of the Delft University of Technology and carries out research and provides education in the field of high-tech systems and scientific instrumentation. Its research aims to solve fundamental questions in engineering science to advance the performance of precision systems and devices as well as their design and engineering. The PME department focuses on making the most of the opportunities provided by micro and nanoscience. Examples of PME’s research include ultra-precise motion control, sub-nm metrology, energy efficient mechanisms at micro and macro-scale, functionalised silicon probe tips for picoliter droplet dispensing, graphene growth and stretching using a micro-fabricated tensile tester, computational design methods for thermal topology optimisation and the mechanics of nanostructure sensor systems.

The Master programme

The PME Master programme is considered one of the toughest Master programmes of the Mechanical engineering faculty. In the first year, the students attend obliagtory courses ranging from the fundamentals of physics and mechanics to the design and fabrication of Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). Additionally, the programme has room for the students to pick elective courses on their preferred specialization. In the second year, students join one of the following research groups to write their thesis:

  • Engineering dynamics
  • Structural optimization and Mechanics
  • Mechatronic system design
  • Micro- and Nano engineering


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