COMSOL Multiphysics Introduction course

In the evening of Wednesday the 19th of November, Taylor organized an introduction course on COMSOL for students who were not familiar with COMSOL yet. COMSOL is a software package that can be used to model multiphysical problems by the use of finite element analysis. Two employees from COMSOL where invited to introduce us to the basics.


The course started with a lecture on the possibilities and impossibilities of the program. The program is very strong in multiphysical calculations but not very effective in very deep, fundamental models focusing on only one physical domain. After the introduction we had a bit of hands-on experience with the program by building a calculating model by ourselves. As last we had a small workshop on how to connect MATLAB with COMSOL which turned out to be very easy and efficient.
The introduction course to COMSOL was very informative and we hope that this event is the start of a lasting cooperation between Taylor and COMSOL.
The COMSOL group is a fast growing high tech engineering software company active all around the world. Their flagship program COMSOL Multiphysics is specialized in modelling multiphysical models. The software is able to be linked to different CAD software packages, MATLAB and EXCEL.

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