Excursion Mechanical Engineering – ASML

IMG_20141125_174329November 10th, 6:30 pm, a group of about 25 PME students is waiting in Delft together with Gezelschap Leeghwater for the bus which would bring them to ASML in Veldhoven. Just like during our last trip to the south of the Netherlands, we got stuck in a traffic jam. Fortunately we still arrived just in time for a cup of coffee together with students from Eindhoven and Twente before the first presentation. After a general presentation about ASML and its photolithography systems a number of engineers and an intern from TU Eindhoven got the chance to explain us theirjob in exactly seven minutes. These presentations gave a nice impression of the different job opportunities at ASML.

Next we got a campus tour which brought us to different marble covered buildings. The tour started at a stand which explained the working principle of the photolithography systems. After that we went to the cleanrooms, which unfortunately stay closed for visitors. Finally the workplaces of the engineers were visited, to experience the working environment. After the lunch break it was time to show our own creative skills in a case study. The task was to think of a better alternative for the masks which are used in the current photolithography systems in small groups. Apparently part of the challenge was to get to understand where, how and why the masks where applied, since not all groups seemed to have figured that out precisely when it was time to present a new solution. It was interesting to see that the 15 groups came to only 4 different principles.

Finally an engineer of ASML showed us what his agenda would look like in an average week. After that, the day was concluded with some drinks and snacks.

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