On September 25th we organise yet another lunch lecture! This time, Henk Weterings from Huisman comes to Delft to talk about the world’s largest bearings they’ve built in China. The two 30m diameter bearings are meant for the world’s largest Tub Cranes, which are also being designed by Huisman. Since 2012, Huisman has been successfully designing and constructing segmented slew bearings. Currently they plan to produce non-segmented bearings up to 10m, while already having four slew bearings under construction.  These bearings are typically used in crane applications but the design principle gives a lot of opportunities for revolving applications in other industries, like FPSO turret bearings and large revolving housings around telescopes.

So come and listen to the story behind this ambitious Huisman project during the lunch! Sign up via the link below in order to claim a free lunch and a Neve point.

What:                   Huisman lunch lecture
When:                  25/09/2017, 12:45-13:30
Where:                 Lecture Hall D (James Watt)

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