Luigi Sasso Lunch Lecture 01-10-2015

The first Lunch lecture of the acedamic year! Given by By assistant professor Luigi Sasso, with the tiltle: MEMS-based biosensor platform for cellular analysis. The lunch lecture is about:

“The in situ monitoring of cellular behavior is useful for the advancement of biomedical diagnostics, drug development and the understanding of a cell as the main unit of the human body. Micro- and nanotechnology allow for the creation of functional devices that enhance the study of cellular dynamics by providing platforms that are both biocompatible surfaces for the cell culturing in lab-on-chip devices integrated with optimized nanosensors with high specificities and sensitivities towards cellular analytes. In this project, conducting polymers were used as electrochemical sensor surface modifications to increase the sensitivity towards relevant analytes, with focus on the detection of dopamine released from neuronal cells via exocytosis.”

During the lecture free lunch will be provided, all participants will earn a ‘Neve point’. Please register for the event via the website

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