Lunch Lecture Philips

The 27th of November, Frank Pasteuning, technologist at Philips Innovation Services, came to our faculty to give the second lunch lecture of this study year. More than 50 students attended his lecture about creating damping by using visco-elastic materials.

In between the projects for customers of Philips, Pasteuning conducted a project researching damping with visco-elastic materials together with a graduate student from Eindhoven. Hereto they tested the behavior of various materials. With the results material models where made. The models could be used to simulate the dynamic behavior of metal structures with visco-elastic material applied in different ways. The structures were also built and tested. Building the structures with very thin visco-elastic films was apparently quite tricky. Nevertheless, the dynamic behavior of the computer model and the experimental set up agreed very accurately. The knowledge obtained will be used in future projects for customers.

Philips Innovation Services offers access to a range of advanced innovation services, expertise and high-tech facilities across the whole innovation process. Their main services extend from concept creation support, product and process development, prototyping and small series production, equipment development, quality and reliability, industrialization, right through to sustainability and industrial consulting. 950 technical experts work at Philips Innovation Services, among which 450 mechatronic engineers.

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