Dear PME students,

Next week on December 4th (Monday) we will organize another lunch lecture. This time, PME’s very own Rens van der Nolle from the company Prodrive Technologies will come to Delft. Working in close cooperation with their clients, Prodrive develops a wide range of products and systems for various markets (Automotive, Industrial, Energy & Infrastructure and Medical). To give you a better idea about this, Rens will tell about an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) he helped develop, which will be used for Prodrive’s own transport and logistics. To develop such a vehicle, a lot of time has to be spent on the mechanics, sensors and pathfinding. Since Rens graduated very recently from the PME department, you can also ask him questions about the transition from PME to industry.

In addition to this lunch lecture, we will organize an excursion to Prodrive as well! This will be on Thursday 14-12-2017. We will send your an e-mail about the excursion later this week.


What:        Prodrive Technologies Lunch Lecture

When:       Monday 04-12-2017, from 12:30-13:30

Where:      Lecture Hall D (James Watt) 

To claim a Neve point and/or a free “broodje Leo”, please click here to register for this event.

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