Taylor Trip destinations 2017

ttDear fellow PME students,

Every year Taylor organizes a study trip abroad. In the past few years, we have visited China, Germany, Switzerland, England, France, the USA, Canada and Japan. During the trip, we want to achieve the following:

  • Visit industry abroad
  • Learn about expat life
  • Experience differences in business culture
  • Have a great time

Many of our students end up working abroad as an expat. By participating in this trip, we want to give our students a chance to experience what this is like.

For this year we have selected the 3 countries shown below as possible destinations for the trip and would like to ask you for your preferences.

  • Singapore
    • This country is the ‘Silicon Valley of Asia’ with a lot of high tech companies on a small island. Half of the export of this country is in the high tech industry which is why a lot of companies have a settlement in Singapore. This is the reason why Singapore is such an international country with a lot of different cultures. Besides that it is also known as a paradise for food lovers. They even have roof top bars on their skyscrapers! After the trip there is also lots of backpacking possibilities to neighboring countries. 
  • Japan
    • Japan is one of the world leader in high tech, they are always one of the first to introduce high tech in personal environment. They have a very polite and friendly culture but a vastly different working culture than we are used to. Besides this it is also a beautiful country with a lot of temples and zen garden in which you can unwind. Luckily this is also the birth place of sushi and they are also the world leader in karaoke.
  • Scandinavia
    • Visiting Scandinavia gives us the chance to visit more European companies, which you might be more likely to work for after your studies. The people in Scandinavia are among the happiest people in the world and they have a very peaceful culture. The fastest internet in the world might be the reason why they are so happy, the reason might also be the beautiful nature and large archipelago to go to and relax. This destination also has lots of backpacking possibilities after the trip.

Please go to this link to share your thoughts and preferences on the Taylor Trip 2017!

We will make sure this year’s trip will be great again!




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